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Hi All,

Recently when one of my office colleagues while upgrading from to 64 bit he came across the below error.

“The Upgrade Assistant fails in bringing up the database XXX. Oracle Home /oracle/XXX/11204 obtained from file /etc/oratab was used to connect to the database. Either the database is not running from Oracle Home /oracle/XXX/11204 or the correct Initialization Parameter file (pfile) was not found”  

Then it ask us to locate the pfile.

Actually DB is up and running on ORACLE_HOME:/oracle/XXX/112_64

Where as 11204 is not there in /etc/oratab and this still pointing to 112_64

And also dbua.sap.sh -q runs without any error.

Here I checked env as well and confirmed its correct one.



Here after lot of analysis we realize  we have to check the log directories from dbua and make sure they are cleared out.

ORACLE_BASE/cfgtoollogs/dbua/logs/directory , here if this file exist already then DBUA it is rerun and will act differently when it is executed.

So presence of this file says that database is opened up with new oracle Home Binaries.

So here is issue , once you remove the Welcome_<SID>.txt file from log dir and then everything work fine and upgrade finished smoothly.

Hope this article helped to you. I am expecting your suggestions/feedback.

It will help to motivate me to write more articles….!!!!

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