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To achieve optimum performance for data-intensive queries, materialized views and indexes are essential when tuning SQL statements. The SQL Access Advisor enables to optimize data access paths of SQL queries by recommending the proper set of materialized views, materialized view logs, and indexes for a given workload.

A materialized view provides access to table data by storing the results of a query in a separate schema object. A materialized view contains the rows resulting from a query against one or more base tables or views.

A materialized view log is a schema object that records changes to a master table’s data, so that a materialized view defined on the master table can be refreshed incrementally.

The SQL Access Advisor also recommends bitmap, function-based, and B-tree indexes. A bitmap index provides a reduced response time for many types of ad hoc queries and reduced storage requirements compared to other indexing techniques. A functional index derives the indexed value from the table data. For example, to find character data in mixed cases, a functional index can be used to look for the values as if they were all in uppercase characters.

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